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Global Bioethics Blog

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The Aim

The Bioethics blog aims to provide information and commentary on emerging bioethics and research ethics issues and concerns in developing world settings, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. Visitors to the blog are invited to comment on the postings.


To connect to the blog, click on this link:

Global Bioethics Blog


Like to contribute?

We strongly encourage those involved or interested in the ethical aspects of health research or medical care in sub-Saharan Africa to contribute occasional pieces to the Global Bioethics Blog. We hope to attract a pool of regular contributors to the blog from the Sub-Saharan region. If you have something you would like to submit to the blog, or have suggestions you would like to make, email the editor.


Our French blog

A French-language bioethics blog is available on the French version of this site, but you can also click here. We also warmly invite French-language users to contact the editor -- Fogarty bioethics scholar Ghislain Lubangi -- if they would like to make contributions or suggestions.




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